Friday, 10 February 2017

Never Give Up - Be Determined.

We are so very proud of Alex. His constant determination to succeed in life despite his speech delay is just so incredible. Alex has always tried his best to achieve the same as others around him his age. We had to fight to get the help he needed when he was younger but through our perseverance, he got support eventually. Alex had great support at his nursery school which gave him a great start and over the past 17/18 months since moving here, we have seen his progression just come on in leaps and bounds. He has amazing teachers at school who offer him a fun and positive environment where he loves to learn. Alex came home last week with the star of the week award. He was beaming from ear to ear and when asked what it was for he proudly said "I'm a super reader. I now have word list 11 and have moved to yellow level now". This is such a big achievement for him. He has always struggled with reading due to his delay, so to hear this and witness the joy when he cane home with the yellow level reading book was amazing. For those that don't know the difference, yellow level books have 2-3 sentences on each page whereas before he only had a few words on each page. We love to listen to Alex read each night and to see his progression going from words like "a" , "I", "in" etc to words like "house", "should", "children" with confidence.
Alex loves reading and using his phonics knowledge from class to help work out the bigger words.
Reading is so important and sharing books together is something that we love to do too.

We are immensely proud of Alex and all the things that he continues to achieve. He never gives up and just keeps proving all the doubters wrong and we couldn't be more proud. WHAT A STAR.


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